Ward House

Play that funky music white girls

The band concert was, well, a band concert. Here are two snippets of the pieces as played by Katelyn and Mariah. Katelyn is in the first peice, Mariah in the second. These are the 6th and 7th grade bands. Both girls have made amazing progress in the last few years. Katelyn plays the clarinet and is just to the left of the band director.

And now for Mariah. . . she plays the flute, is wearing a blue shirt and is to the right of the director.

Now Ashley, she did so well on her SOLs that she is excempt from all exams. I am just amazed, not suprised, just amazed. It is Thursday, she attended a half day today and does not have to go back until Tuesday, which is the last day of school.

I have reconsidered my stance on band. Not that I entirely approve of the program; however, music is another language, like math, and if the girls wish to continue in the program (they have the talent) then I will find the money. Mariah has decided not to continue with band although she does want to try the color guard. Tryouts for next years color guard have already happened and she was out of town. Perhaps next year. . .

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