Ward House


News flash here – I just discovered that all the cereal box type cardboard I’ve been saving to take to my mothers can be put in the mixed paper recycling bin here in Warm Springs! Sad news is I do not have one of these bins close to home. =( Once my mouth is moving again (had a trip to the dentist) I plan to contact Sherry Ryder, our local government recycling person, about upping the recycling in the area, including a mixed paper bin in Ashwood. I’ve read where there are grants available to encourage recycling in areas and plan to look up some of those.
Oh, we now have worms. Not the kind that the doctor needs to write a script for but the ones that will eat kitchen trash, a.k.a. vermiculture. Looking in the compost pile I realized that I have way more ‘green’ than brown and figured that the worms could have a go at it. These worms do all their work undercover and I have not actually seen them yet. Their new home, two green tubs, lives in the laundry room were they quitely, and I hope happily, eat through water mellon rinds and such. I think the tub has too much dirt in it, though. Katie helped me set it up. I’ll keep you posted on what happens. =)

Ciao for now!

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