Ward House

Worm relocation, recycling update

I realized, after looking at our little worm farm and speaking to Niki (the school’s worm expert), that we have too much dirt in the worm farm. Thankfully, Ashley & Katie sifted through and separated the worms and their food from the dirt, relocating the worms back to their bin with only a handful of dirt and their food. *whew* The over-dirt was returned to the garden.

The local recycling administrator, Sherry, returned my email today about getting a mixed paper bin to the Ashwood recycling center. She also put me in touch with our ‘local’ recycling center in Covington (30 min south). As it turns out, this center will take brown and clear glass; the catch being that I will need to bring it down to the center. Hours of operation are Mon-Fri, 9-3. Ronnie goes to Covington once a month to do some charity work for the Grist Mill and he said that he would drop off the glass then. *yes!* I included the link, under the links section, along with some other cool places I have found while researching worms and recycling. Feel free to forward additional sites. Also, cereal box type paper goes into the cardboard bin – I specifically asked. One item I failed to ask about includes the rice milk/soy containers. Are these considered cardboard?
Our meager little recycling center! Yes, we have two green tubs, one for worms and the other for recycling. =)

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