Ward House


One would think that living in very rural, we-have-no-stop-light, Bath County that I would be allowed a few laying hens. Apparently my home is zoned as a R-1 (residential 1) therefore disqualifying me from having any agriculture animals.

Interestingly enough, the county has allowed a special use permit for individuals to have a horse in an R-1, provided they meet certain guidelines (10 acres, barn construction approval, manure disposal, etc). These guidelines are apparently so stringent that only a select few people will be able to qualify for a permit (I smell discrimination).

Anyway, I did the math to determine how much land I would need to fit the same requirement. If the average horse weights 1354 lbs and the county is allowing between 1-5 horses on 10 acres and the average chicken weight 8 lbs, how many acres do I need to have 1-5 chickens? Well, 1354:10=8:x, 1354x=80; one needs .06 acres to qualify for 1-5 chickens. Well, well, well. I own .5 acres. =) I have no problem submitting a coop design for approval and since I do not want to eat fertilized eggs and do not want chicks running around, there will be no rooster (yes, chickens can and do lay eggs without a rooster).

It is interesting to note that the county does not require one to have a special use permit to chain a dog or keep a dog in an outside kennel where he can bark at everything that moves, pace the lot and make a mess. Hmmm

I’ll keep you posted on the battle. If anyone has helpful information, please let me know!


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