Ward House

I know it has been awhile since my last post. My work schedule, between the two jobs, has been kind of hectic, getting ready for Peru and then there is the Odie and Mason saga.

I worked brunch Sunday, came home, changed and got ready to take Odie for a walk. As it turns out, he and my white bra (the only one I own) decided to take a run through the living room. I finally caught up with the two of them and placed the reacquired lingere on top of his crate – out of his short legged reach. After the rescue, I never thought about the bra again until the next afternoon when I went home to let him out and to collect my work clothes for the Grist Mill. As I stuff clothes into my pack, I realized that the white lingerie had gone missing. . . again. Had Odie and lingerie been out again? Much to my dismay I located said lingerie IN his crate. He may not be tall enough to snatch it from the side of the crate; however, he is tall enough to snatch it from INSIDE the crate. Panicked, I grabbed the bra, checking the cups for chewage and finding none, stuff the bra into my pack. It was only after I was at my day job, changing to start work at the Grist Mill when I realized that Odie had chewed completely through one of the straps and partially through another part of the same strap. Much to my dismay I was already half dressed and could not traipse through the office looking for a stapler – yes, next to a travel sewing kit, a stapler is a girls best friend!
Thankfully Nell was still in the office and was able to bring the stapler to the ladies room where I patched my white bra back together. Looks like tips tonite go to lingerie replacement. I have since learned that if you are missing something while at my house, check Odie’s crate. It is usually there. The other day I discovered a black plastic coat hanger, a flip-flop, and part of a newspaper page. I am afraid to think of what type of collage he was trying to piece together!

Mason has taken to trying to play with Odie; Ronnie and I have yet to catch this on video or film. As soon as we do, I will definately post here. We are usually too busy holding our sides from laughter that a camera is the last thing on our minds. Plus, as soon as you make a move for the camera, Mason and Odie become distracted and stop. I’ll post more pix soon.


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