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Peru Preparedness

  • Tomorrow evening my mom, Ronnie and I will drive to DC and spend the night with my cousin, Kay Frances. The next morning she will take us to Dulles to fly to San Salvatore. I am only partially packed and will finish that process tonite and tomorrow morning. In preparing to fly out of the country I went to http://www.tsa.gov/ to learn more about what I could/could not pack on my carry on and made a few interesting discoveries:
  • shoes with gel inserts or heels cannot be worn. Security will not let you pass. Last night I found out the reason for this. Apparently a few years ago someone had gel heels, with different types of gel in each heel. When these two compounds were combined they produced an explosive element!
  • body peircing will set off the detector and it is recommended that these be removed. Easy enough for my ears and bellybutton; the nose pin is another matter. To new and sensitive to remove. We shall see what happens.

I think that is all of the exciting, unusual stuff I read. Now to pack with layers in mind. It’ll be like packing when I ride on the motorcycle – always dress in layers as it is cold in the beginning, warms up during the day and cools down again in the evening. Oy. More to come!


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