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I ♥ Peru

Our trip to Peru was simply amazing. The people are gracious and accomodating, architecture simply beautiful and functional, then there is the history. I just love history. The Incas had it together and I am sad that so much knowledge was lost when the Spanish moved in.

The Incan understanding of the seasons, astronomy, planting and building rivals that of today. Prior to building something, they would make a model first; their buildings survive earthquakes even today. Keep in mind that these people did not have iron or the wheel. Stones were shaped with pieces of meteor. Lava stone was moved in (temple of the rainbow) above Cusco and it was from this stone that the throne of the Incan emperor was shaped. I need to go through my notes, but I believe it was the 9th Emperor (Pachacuti) that was living when the Spanish came through.

The internet has a wealth of information on this emperor and on Incan history in general. Despite the food and sanitation challenges, I would gladly go back! Wish had I had become a history major. =) Guess it is never too late, eh?


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