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Recycling Challenged

My tendency is to jump into a project, feet first, try to change the world and after hitting a brick wall several times step back and take a look. So now my head hurts. Talking recycling with county administrators that baulk at the subject takes great effort, at least for me. I have come to realize that I cannot change the county in one fell swoop but will need to start small, like with my own office. Ronnie and the girls recycle, so the next baby step is my office. Ashley is excited about starting a recycling thing at the highschool so I will help her with that.

Money may not buy happiness but it does buy options. For this county, as in many others I am sure, it is all about the bottom line. One must at least break even for a program to be considered. If it generates a modest profit, even better! I spoke to a friend whose husband’s runs the local trash collection service and she explained that recycling has been looked at several times; her husband was even on the solid waste committee and there was no way to get around the cost of shipping the recyclables to another location. With the increase in gas and diesel, this problem will increase and our recycling options will dwindle. When did trying to save the earth and do the right thing become so complicated?

The house and our garden are doing so well and I will post pictures and such this evening. Tonite I do not work at the Grist Mill (yea!) and will have time to pick beans and perhaps some berries! =) yummy!

Ciao for now. . .


July 31, 2008 - Posted by | Recycling


  1. Enjoyed my visit to your blog, especially the planting of the White House Lawn :o) everything looked wonderful, you did a good job…….Ginny B.

    Comment by The Gingerbread House | August 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks Ginny! =) I enjoyed that video too. I even said something to my local planning board – Sherry has been a wonderful sounding board for my recycling ideas, though she is hamstrung in helping with the situation. She did not comment on a garden in the front lawn of town hall. =P My front lawn is shade so I will be planting shade loving veggies in my front lawn this fall- guess that is next month! I’ll post pics once I get started.thanks for reading. =)

    Comment by Annette | August 11, 2008 | Reply

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