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Beans and Tomatoes

I was trying to think of a title for this post and had the nursery rhyme, Mary Mary quite contrary running through my head until I googled it. What a gruesome rhyme! But then most nursery rhymes are, eh? Anyway, our garden is doing very well. We have picked over 5 gallons of blue lake beans, froze some and the rest are living in the walk in cooler at the restaurant where I work part time – waiting for the pressure cooker/canner to arrive! I ordered it on Saturday from Target.com as no one locally (within a 45 minute drive) had any in stock! It is a Fagor Professional Duo 10-qt. Pressure Cooker and Canner. The catch is that it is not scheduled to arrive until Friday the 7th and I do not think these beans will wait until then – we may need to blanche and freeze the rest of them. = /

The cherry tomato plants are loaded though our regular tomato plants do not seen to have much fruit ‘brewing’. Squash will have lots of fruit soon along with the cucumbers. The beans are just out of control; however, they will be done soon and then I need to pull them and plant s
omething new – any ideas? I am guessing it will need to be a cold temp veggie as the frost will be here by October. Perhaps spinache and other leafy greens?
I am still working on chickens and after seeing the garden, which I had a hog too – eat all these weeds and such! I found someone locally that had New Hampshire chickens that are a few months old and the number was disconnected! =( Just as well, I do not have a place to put them yet. =) Need to get this coop built as soon as possible.


August 4, 2008 - Posted by | Gardening

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