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Doing not Thinking Challenge

I have found blogs from some amazing people (listed in the my blogs list), one of which is Kathie of Twofrog Home. This challenge, http://twofroghome.com/2008/08/04/doing-not-thinking-challenge/, makes so much sense – all based on what we think and do acts to create our reality (quantum physics). I originally posted to Kathie that I had a long term dream and then a short term goal. I have several irons in the fire and think I need to list two goals, actually. =)

  • Dream: to be able to afford (meet the bills) while staying home to tend the garden, can, care for chickens, be active in community.
  • Goal #1 have a wood stove installed by winter.
  • Goal #2 help to improve the recycling numbers for Bath county.

Being self sufficient is a dream for me, or so it seems at this point; Pulling two jobs, both daughters are in highschool and involved in sports, being a homesteader seems like a dream that I get glimpses off when at home working in the garden or at the house.

Goal#1, we currently heat with oil and aside from making my carbon footprint amazingly big (410) it is very expensive ($4.00/gal). I have looked at several options: geothermal, outside wood furnaces and inside wood stoves, with an inside wood stove being the least expensive of the options. A geothermal heatpump will run about $28k – yes, that is $28,000. Even if I took a home equity loan, I would not see a return for about a decade (roughly). That is if I could even afford to make the payments! *ack*

An outside wood furnace is between $10-15k including installation. $10k if Ronnie is able to do the installation work. This is probably the best option so I do not have to drag wood into the house. It is the prefered option for my insurance company. An inside wood stove means I need to open one of the chimney’s (only one of the three is open atm) and then there is the placement, etc. Still, $10k means a home equity loan or refinance.

Goal #2, as you can see from my previous blogs, is an ongoing struggle. Three of the five people that work with me in this office have agreed to start recycling provided I set it up and take recyclables to the center – fine by me! I am going there anyway. It will be more of a challenge to help other businesses start the process since I am not there to help with the progress. I believe the key will be to have someone in that business that is excited about recycling that I can ‘educate’ and encourage. Crystal, who owns Warm Springs Market, is excited about recycling and has been talking with me about recycling, etc.

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  1. What great goals! Welcome aboard to the challenge. Any used versions of those stoves available?

    Comment by Kathie | August 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks Kathie. =) I have a list of everything I hope for thinking that if these ideas/goals/dreams are ‘concrete’ it will help in them becoming real. I am looking into used stoves, though when people here purchase an outside wood furnace (the ideal) they never get rid of them. Which speaks well of that type of heat; however, becomes challenging for me to find a used one. I have not checked Craig’s list – I then have the challenge of transporting it home. Hopefully Ronnie will figure out the best way to reline the chimney flue and then the wood stove/furnace will fall into place. =) I have a dream . . .

    Comment by Annette | August 5, 2008 | Reply

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