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Ok, I just found this on a cool blog and had to post:

Wouldn’t it be something if victory gardens did become vogue again? I feel so behind with our garden. Last night I canned 12 quarts of blue lake green beans, there are more that need to be picked and canned, I need to do something with the beets and yellow tomatoes in the fridge (any suggestions?) and tonite I want to try to salvage some of the remaining red raspberries for jam. Mom sent me several jars of concord grape jelly from her mini orchard, so if the berries are gone, we are still set for this winter. Oh, and I work at the restuarant begining tomorrow nite through Monday. *whew*

Oh, and last night Ronnie was able to install a light to the shed. He already ran power from the main box in the house to a 100 amp box in the shed with an outlet to keep our freezer running – interesting story how we acquired this commercial grade freezer (another post). From here he ran a light with switch and at some point perhaps a motion detector light for outside. Anyway, from this shed breaker box we hope to run power to the garage so Ronnie will have lights and electricity for his makeshift shop and doesn’t need to run an extension cord from the shed or kitchen window into the driveway. =P

Can you see the moon in the upper left corner?

August 6, 2008 - Posted by | Gardening

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