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Ronnie and I rode the Yamaha into Marlington WV on Saturday and stopped at the farmers market. While there I found this amazing bag –> It is made with plastic grocery bags! I used mine Sunday to carry 16 ears of corn with room for more. This lady shows how to create dishcloths with this same plarn (how one converts plastic bags into ‘yarn’) as a crochet’d in scrubbie. This lady has some amazing creations. I have started my own bag using Walmart bags and will post when it is complete. For the record, I use cloth bags now when I shop. The Walmart bags I have are left over from the past – I save them for other uses.

We ordered our wood stove today and should have it within the next two weeks. During this period we are borrowing a backho (spelling?) from a friend to dig the concrete pad. Next is to have wood delivered and purchase a Stihl

This rest of this week is going to be a bit tricky as my office is moving from Warm Springs to Hot Springs – just a matter of an 8 minute drive; however, Clarkson & Wallace has been in the Warm Springs office for over 60 years and although my area is fairly clutter free, other parts of the office are not. Today we pack for tomorrow the movers arrive! I have posted two items from my new work office; both items strike a cord in me somewhere. I read this and then wonder how the powers that be do not recycle. Apparantly they want a guarantee that the items we put in the bin will actually be recycled and not placed in the landfill. Well, if I remember correctly, there is only one guarantee and that is death. Some things need to done because it is right, not because of any guarantees. I hope these pictures will open so you can read the inscription. Could not get rid of the glare. =(
Oh, and I have a new front door color! =)


August 20, 2008 - Posted by | heating, Recycling

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  1. Those bags are neat , they should be strong too. I want to learn to crochet.Happy to hear you got your heater on the way. We love ours.~ Blessings ~ JoyceAnn

    Comment by JoyceAnn | August 25, 2008 | Reply

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