Ward House

Doing Not Thinking Challenge week 3

Saturday was exciting as the site for our stove has been set, the pad dug and this evening we put down the gravel; tomorrow the concrete arrives. We rented a ditch witch and it did a fantastic job of digging the trench we need for the water and electrical lines. Part of the fence had to be taken down; the neighbor was fine with it as long as we put it back – not a problem.

Our furnace was ordered on Friday and we hope to have it here in about two weeks. It is a kit so all the lines are to be included; I downloaded the instructions from the web yesterday. We also picked up a Husquavarna chainsaw to help with the wood.

While Ronnie was playing with his borrowed toy, my mom drove up from Roanoke to play with me in the dirt. We planted 2 dozen iris’ and 1 dozen crocus. I did not plan this ahead of time and will need to rework the flower ‘strip’ – blocked myself out of the shed!

I have not done too much with the garden over the last few days. The cucumbers are about done – not too productive. My neighbor has replanted cucumber plants and will cover them should we have a frost. Sometimes I feel I have it together and other days. . . well, I feel very ‘blonde’.
Girls had their first volleyball game tonite and won both games. I was able to film the first minute, roughly, before my batteries died; I could not find the extras in my purse. The first minute was not their most stellar. . . I’ll remember about the batteries next game – Thursday.


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