Ward House

Meal Planning & Rain

Some days/weeks just flow more smoothly than others. This appears to be a discombobulated week; nothing seems to fit well, yet the week is moving along at a faster than normal clip. This week it has been raining, overcast and very cool; weather we do not normally see until late October. Makes me wish I had that second rain barrell already hooked up and wonder how accurate the Farmers Almanac will be this year!

Rhonda Jean of down–to–earth has some great information about living green, budgeting, living simply, etc. She along with some other amazing women, like Kathie and the others on my blog list, are inspirations on how to live simply and cheaply. Meal planning has always been a challenge for me; wish I had paid closer attention to my Mom when she was in the kitchen. Meal planning is akin to laying your clothes out the day before – when I know what I am going to wear, the morning just flows and all is right with the world.

I am now making a list of the items that the kids like to eat and will then work some menus around those items. Meals will be kind of hectic for the next few months as the girls are playing highschool volleyball and meals on their away games will be on the road. We also talked about packing lunches as I will no longer qualify for reduced lunches. From the sounds of it, the school is not providing lunches that my kids like to eat. I do not work at the restaurant tonite and the girls do not have a game so it will be good nite to sit down and do some planning. I am going to make chili and some cornbread for tonites pow-wow. Ronnie will be home late so it will be good time for the girls and I to chat about the extreme interpersonal conflicts they are having with each other. While I was at work last nite, a bowl was broken. It was a bowl that was handed down; not something that can be replaced yet can be salvaged. I can use it as a pretty covering for a plant pot.


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