Ward House

First day of school

I have been remise in my updates! Vision (meaning eye on the prize) has become blurred and I am hoping now that the school routine is being set, I will be able to get back on track. The quick and dirty:

  • Garden appears to be fizzling – I need to get back in and replant the cucumbers and more of them.
  • Check on status of stove – everything is in place – Delayed three weeks!
  • Purchase Federal license to pick up dead wood

Recycling continues to be a challenge at work. It is amazing that even though I have cans marked, how much is till put into the regular trash. *sighs* This goal will be ongoing. Sally is off work this week as her son is getting married and she holds the key for moving the program along within the company.

I think I am on track with all my Doing not thinking challenge goals, minus the mac-daddy dream: full time homesteader. Once I get the whole, how-to-pay-the-bills thing figured out. . .

A new goal: to start working on how to build/where to place a chicken coop. I want a coop the ladies can be in during the winter nights and then a tractor for them to hang out in during the day. The tractor needs to be safe for them to be in while I am not home. There are numerous ideas available on the web, I need to decide on one and run with it. Placement is key; Needs to be where they will not bother the neighbors (no rooster). Then there is everything that goes along with that – food, waterers, bedding. . Did I get everything? Also, I do not want to raise them from chicks as I am afraid they will die since I work outside the home everyday. Many locals talk about buying poulets from places a few hours drive away, which is fine with me. Fewer losses and I can get the number of hens I need instead of overbuying in hopes that I will end up with 5.


September 2, 2008 - Posted by | Chickens, Doing not thinking

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