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Gasoline, Sustainable Living

This past weekend Ronnie and I went with his oldest daughter, Angel, to PA to visit her boyfriend; he is attending UTI (an automotive technical institute). We visited Lancaster and took them to some of the sights Ronnie and I get to see when we visit Lancaster each May. While we were away a gas crisis occured in Bath County. While gas prices in PA and Staunton appeared to remain ‘normal’, Bath County shot to over $4/gal (one place was $4.59) with 3 of the 4 stations selling out and that last station limited people to only 10 gal., no containers! Suprised me, actually. I am young enough to have missed the waiting in line thing for gas and where one could only buy gas on certain days depending upon your license plate number, or was it your birthday. . . Hmms. Anyway, the Amish appear to be relatively unaffected by the outside world’s energy issues. I realize the Amish have their own problems as a community, living in a ‘modern world’. I believe that with all of our ‘modern’ discoveries we have lost touch with how to live simply with the land we walk on, live with.

Anyway, while we were out we stopped at this store called the outhouse. It has all sorts of cool little what nots to look at, toys to play with, fudge and novelties to buy. Wish I had bought one of these masks! A picture of the homies! =P This trip took it all out of me, both $$ and engery. Not much has been done at the house other than the basics (laundry, dishes, picking up). I use the bread maker all the time now and have not bought a loaf from the store in awhile.

Wish I had started this lifestyle awhile ago and been better prepared for the crisis that is here sooner than later. I fell so unprepared! *ack*

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