Ward House

Poison Ivy

No, not the batman character. =) This ivy hit our house, namely Ashley and myself, via the coat of our puppy Odi. He was in the woods with Ronnie and I while we were cutting wood, came in and well, you can tell who holds the puppy close to their faces! I am not posting pictures as it is too icky; well, Ashley’s is, mine is just red. We did end up getting a cortizone shot and we are taking prednisone; however, I remember using broomsage instead of calomine and have actually made some broomsage tea to dab on the spots, streaks, etc. My question is, how long will this bew last in the fridge (Mom says a few weeks) and if I freeze it in an ice tray, will the freezing destroy any of the beneficial properties? We have it in most of the fields around here, so if I need it again I can dig some up – I would rather not waste what I have though; Ashley and I will not use up what I made (having never done it before, I think I made too much). Lemme know. Any other uses for broomsage?

Also, the stove is here!! Ronnie and I have been working to install and ran into a few challenges. It is not installed enough to use and I hope to have that completed this Sunday. Last night it hit freezing and we had a light frost. I prayed for a few gallons to be left in my oil tank and turned the thermostat to 60. It ran a few times through the night, keeping it bearable outside the covers, and I turned it off again this morning. I dont like waking up to seeing my breath, though I know some people who did when growing up (yes Terry, I remembered! =P). We have plenty of blankets and if/when it gets too cold, Mason and Odi (cat and dog) crawl into bed with us. They make great little heaters! =) I’ll try to post some pixs of our stove adventure this weekend.

In other news, one of the waitresses at the Gristmill is sick and the doc took her out of work for a week so I’ve been covering her shift. Two jobs for 5 days straight will be interesting; however, the money is good. Saturday day I will spend the day catching up on chores, freezing/storing hot peppers and hopefully making some applebutter and then go to the restuarant at 5:30. Any thoughts on the best way to store the hot peppers? Any crockpot applebutter recipes? I did printout an applebutter post from one of the blogs I follow – gotta remember which one it is!! *eek gads*

Take care all – I’ll check in later on today and tomorrow. Whoot!


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  1. Hot pepper storage depends on the type. Most of the long, skinny types (cayenne, New Mexico, paprika), once they are ripe enough to be fully colored (usually red), can be strung up in a ristra to dry. Use a big needle with doubled carpet thread, thread through the thickest part of the stem, just above the pepper. Dried peppers can later be ground into powders, or made into enchilada sauce (they make nice holiday decorations too). There’s a tutorial on roasting, peeling, then freezing or canning chile peppers on my blog.

    Comment by Sadge | October 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thank you Sadge! I’ll be over shortly. =)

    Comment by Annette | October 5, 2008 | Reply

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