Ward House

Apple Butter

This past week was very hectic for the family.  Between Ashley and my poison ivy, one of the waitresses at the GristMill being out sick for a week (and my covering for her), I am tired and want to see my family.  Sunday was the day to do this.  I cleaned house, peeled/cored apples and started applebutter in the crock pot.  We then went to Roanoke to pick up my girls and buy the remaining supplies to finish the wood stove installation. 

The house smelled so good when we returned.  Many of the apples were still intact so the pot was left on low overnite and this morning it was perfect!  I did put it in the blender for a few bursts as I like my butter smooth.  Not planning on it lasting long (Ashley LOVES applebutter) I did not worry about sterilizing the three pint jars and just poured in the brown goodness.  Wondering out loud if I should go ahead and seal them for the future, Ronnie threw together a quick water bath for these three jars and we processed for 10 minutes.  One jar sealed prior to my taking it out of the bath, the other two I will check at lunch time.  There are more apples and I am anxious to just sit, peel, and crockpot them into more gold; scheduling this time will be the big challenge.


October 6, 2008 - Posted by | Cooking |

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