Ward House

Early morning

I love early mornings at my house; the crisp air, filtering the sunlight into streamers of golden warmth flowing through the trees.  The garden is almost finished.  There are a few pepper plants still producing and one cherry tomato plant that does not yet realize that fall is here.  These little tomatoes ripen so quickly that they burst from their skins before I can eat them.  =( 

This next pix is taken from the back yard (where I hang the laundry) and faces Rte 220 (Sam Snead Highway).  My maples, which are next to these to the right (cannot see them in the picture) are always the last to turn and have not begun to color. 

The furnace is complete with exception to the thermostat installation and that I must wait until the guy can come out on Tuesday.  In the meantime, the days are still fairly warm, the evenings cool so we just layer on a sweater and snugg under more blankets.  Even if the furnace were finished, it does not seem worth the wood to fire it up just yet since the house warms up during the day.  Sleeping in a cool house is good for you anyway (or so I am told).

Yesterday, the package from Soaps Gone Buy arrived.  The small size of the box suprised me – so much savings in such a tiny thing!  This weekend I hope to brew some liquid laundry soap using Rhonda Jean’s recipe.  I’ll post pictures of the results.  I cannot wait to begin mixing!   

My next project is going to be creating yule gifts for my family and few friends.  Christmas has always been low key at our house – the resources are not here for a commercial christmas.  That kind of flies in the face of what the season is about anyway, yes?  Ronnie and I usually create a stocking for each of the girls that includes some small things that they have been wanting: make up, glitter, funky socks, etc. Last year we went into the woods and cut down a small yule tree to decorate.  We made cinnamon ornaments to hang with a few ornaments I had from my Mom (family items passed down) and strung cranberries and pop corn.  I loved that tree.  Will have to search my computer for a picture.  Anyway, I’ve started to think about what family needs and to plan accordingly.  I believe I have enough yarn here for a few projects without buying a new skein and then there are preserves. The apple butter I made a few weeks ago is almost gone!  Looks like everyone else gets grape!

Oh, I made applesauce the other day – first time ever – and it turned out!  I canned three pints and we have almost used up the 4th.  Wish I had more apples (and the time to put them up).

Time to run – more later!


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  1. Love that photo with the sunrays shining through , it’s beautiful. I see your furnance arrived since my last visit , they are a pain to install but so worth it.
    Would love to see a photo of your christmas tree from last year. How did you make your cinnamon ornaments ?
    I made applesauce for the first time this year too , I didn’t have lemon juice to keep them from turning dark , so I added cinnamon. It taste good.

    ~ Many Blessings ~

    Comment by JoyceAnn | October 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. Yeah, the wood furnace has proved to be a learning experience! =) I actually know where the cinnamon ornament recipe is so I’ll find it tonite and post. I never thought to put lemon juice in the applesauce. Mine has not turned yet – would it turn sealed in the jar? Limited access to oxygen?? Hmmm. Something I must remember for the next batch.
    Thanks JoyceAnn!

    Comment by lanniee | October 14, 2008 | Reply

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