Ward House

Dancing, hot, apples!

Not necessarily in that order.  =)  This past weekend was a bit hectic at our house.  Saturday eve was the Homecoming dance with both of my daughters in attendence.  From what I heard, the dance was a success.

The furnace is complete and fired up!  Gene, the furnace guy, arrived this morning to install the thermostat and tweek/review/approve our installation and ‘boot’ the system.  My job was to fill the water tank and then get to work so I can pay for this last part of the install.  =)  Just call me Ms. Moneybags! *chokes*  <- Don’t I wish!  Anyway, the original oil furnace, which we are leaving as a back up, had this monster cold air return that took up soo much room in the basement.  While Gene was there, he streamlined the return; we have so much space now!  *UPDATE* Now that I am home, the furnace is just amazing – it heats the house so quickly and now we must be careful of the hot water – it heats to 172 so I’ve already warned the girls to be very VERY careful. 

Sunday after work we went to Ronnie’s mom’s house to pick apples, black walnuts and have some dinner.  It was a wonderful evening spent with kids and family.  Odi even had a blast playing with Max (mom’s dog).  Odi slept the whole way home!  I had a video to post but WordPress does not accept an Mpeg.  I’ll need to read up on how to convert. 

Here are Ronnie, Ashley and I peeling apples for apple butter and applesauce.  Katie is the photographer!


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  1. Hey girlie! Thank you for a wonderful site. I enjoy your post and the pics. It is a cool way to keep up with you and the girls. I love you!

    Comment by Linda Lou | October 15, 2008 | Reply

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