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The house stayed about 67 last nite.  It was nice to get up and not feel the cold bite at my shoulders.  Even though the furnce now heats the domestic hot water, we are still getting the girls to limit their shower time to 10 minutes – we have a kitchen timer in the bath room and use that to time showers.  Ronnie and I are still coming in at less than 5 minutes < my mom would just freak at that time.  Growing up I remember Mom getting on my sister and I about the time we spent in the shower. 

In other news, the girls won their volleyball game Tuesday night against Perry McClure, which is a very competitive team; Thursday they won against Craig. Go Chargers!

Earlier in the week I bought a copy of Blum’s farmer and gardeners almanac – I am not impressed and actually disappointed with this purchase.  Has anyone else used this almanac?  Do you think it is better, same or not as good as the traditional Farmers Almanac?  For some reason I was thinking that it would be more specific with weather patterns but these tend to be very general. 

Garden planning.  When Gene was here to install the thermostat for the furnace, he commented on our homesteading items (canned food in the basement, rain barrell, composting, etc) and mentioned how they do not grocery shop anymore, except for milk and eggs.  They have a large garden and can everything.  That is what Ronnie and I hope to do more of.  Now is the time to plan the garden for next year.  It will be bigger than this year and with the neighbor cutting down the large, dying Oak trees, there will be more sun to the back yard.  What few tomatoes we did have this year, I was not fond of (bleck) and am beginning to research what we want to plant next year.  The gimme’s are blue lake beans, peaches and cream corn, cucumbers, yellow squash, zuchinni, broccoli did nothing this year, cabbage, some lettuce greens, tomatoes/cherry tomatoes, potatoes, ummm.  Onions.  That is all I can think of for the moment.  Planning what to put where will be another challenge.  Keeping down the weeds another.  I like the planned, organized look of Rhonda’s garden,  don’t know how efficient that will be for me as Matt brings his tractor in to plow and then disc.  I love the dirt at the house – it is so rich, and smells wonderfully!  Mmmmm.

I am taking November off from the Gristmill so I can do more at the house.  Winters are slow and I am hoping that I will not miss out on too much by not working.  It will be a good time to plan, craft, create and rest.


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  1. If garlic or shallots are on your list, plant them now to harvest next July. Just pick up some at the grocery store, break them apart, and stick them in the ground. Also, throw some spinach and argula seeds out there now too, where they won’t be disturbed over the winter. They’ll start growing early early next year. It’s the best way to grow spinach – to get a crop before it bolts to seed.

    Comment by Sadge | October 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. thank you so much Sadge! I’ll have to plant the garlic not in the garden spot since it’ll be plowed soon – we are enlarging the spot!
    I’ve heard the term ‘bolt’ when reading about salad greens and wondered what that meant.
    My argula ‘bolted’ last year and I already have seedlings – I just discovered them a few days ago and am hoping the hard frost we had last nite and the nite before did not kill them. =(

    Comment by lanniee | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  3. I grow garlic in a garden bed, but also have it amongst the raspberries as a pest control – just letting it multiply there and occasionally pulling/thinning it when I run out in the house. If it’s big enough, the arugula might go dormant through the shortest days of winter, and then grow again early in the Spring. You can see the straw and bamboo sticks potato cage here: http://firesignfarm.blogspot.com/2008/06/rest-of-garden-is-planted-finally.html
    In the cellar, the root crops are piled in buckets and rubbermaid bins with lids – they’re sturdier, so can take the weight. I have a bunch of old Dolly Madison square stacking tray/racks – maybe they used to hold little yoghurt cups. If you turn them one way, they stack with an inch between them, turned the other way there’s about 4″. I line the bottom with newspapers and put the grapes and apples one layer deep, then stack. I’ll try to get some photos on my blog.

    Comment by Sadge | October 20, 2008 | Reply

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