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     Over the weekend I bought a food mill as several people have told me, and I have read elsewhere, that it is the thing to have when making apple sauce (and other things).  Prior to the food mill, I peeled, cored and deblemished each apple quarter, threw it into the crockpot for applebutter or into the pot for applesauce.  The applebutter and sauce have turned out wonderfully – without question. 

     The foodmill applesauce, though, I wonder.  Not knowing how much lemon juice to use to keep the color ‘bright’ my applesauce looks a bit tired.  I am not too concerned about that; however, if you can advise on the amount of lemon juice to use, I would be grateful!  My curiousity/concern comes from after the water bath – all the jars seal up wonderfully yet they appear to be only partially filled.  When these pint, wide mouth jars are filled, it is practically to the rim.  When out of the water bath, it appears that the content have settled, shrunk, whatever you want to call it, and are only ½ to ¾ full.  I slide a knife into the contents, prior to the bath, to hopefully break up any air bubbles and help the contents to settle more quickly and insured food safety; it would appear that there are still bubbles in these jars.  Is that normal?  Processing the old way (without the foodmill) did not have the ‘settling’ issues that this smoother applesauce seems to have.



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  1. OOhh, the applesauce and butter sound great. Do you mind sharing the recipe? I still have a ton of apples. Putting them in the crockpot sounds like a good idea.

    As for the lemon, I’d just do it to taste. But I could be wrong.

    Comment by Howling Hill | October 20, 2008 | Reply

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