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Doing not Thinking Challenge (DNTC)

Ok, I have fallen off the Doing not Thinking Challenge (I apologize to my DNTC copatriots).  The wood stove has taken much of my focus; well that and preparing for winter.  On that note, I began hulling the zillions of black walnuts Ronnie and I have collected and I wondered, while watching the stain seep through my rawhide gloves, through the plastic gloves I had under and into my skin, are there different types of walnuts?  Are there regular walnuts and then the black variety?  Hmm.  I will Google the question when I get a moment.  About 2/3rds remain to be hulled.

Note:  Found some interesting info on http://www.sierrapotomac.org/W_Needham/BlackWalnut_051016.htm  I wondered if the ‘dye’ could be extracted and used in a manner similar to Henna in its skin staining attributes.  And what about as a natural dye or ink?? (http://home.insightbb.com/~denevell_books/making_walnut_ink.htm, or http://www.ehow.com/how_2101025_make-walnut-ink.html)  Oh, I want to go home and start extracting dye!  =)  I did dump my first bucket of hulls into some fythisia that I need to eliminate.  Those bushes are hard to kill! 

Related to the DNTC, the recycling program at my work place is moving along, with most people in the groove and just a few still refusing to participate.  That is ok – a choice they have made.  They just have to adjust to the idea that I go through their trash.  =)  Even the icky left over food to get to that aluminum can in the bottom.  Muhaha.  Anyway, now Sally (the coordinator) and I will start on a weekly educational email with the first being on energy conservation.  How can we reduce the energy bill for this building by 5%?   Dressing in layers so one doesn’t need a space heater under the desk.  Do you know how much body heat one conserves by wearing a scarf?  How ’bout wool blended socks?  I’ll have to post the first edition once it is ready.  I’m excited!


October 23, 2008 - Posted by | Doing not thinking |


  1. Regular walnuts are usually called English Walnuts. Black walnut hulls make a nice scratch cover on dark furniture.

    Comment by Sadge | October 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. Ronnie said he had heard of English Walnuts and that these did not stain. I’m guessing these are the ones you find in the mixed nuts that stores put out at Christmas time.

    Thanks Sadge!

    Comment by lanniee | October 24, 2008 | Reply

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