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Volleyball season is almost over – district play begins on Wednesday and will end this coming Sat/Sun, assuming they win Wednesday.  If they win, it will create a scheduling ‘issue’ with my Grandfathers 102 birthday.  I believe that will take presidence over the district games.  I am worn out with volleyball. 

Saturday was my last night working at the Gristmill for November.  If I can make it without the extra income, then I will take the rest of the winter off.  *crosses fingers*  Saturday (before work) and Sunday Ronnie and I spent splitting and hauling wood.  *whew*  I think we have enought split to carry us into February. 

In light of that, last night the pump on the wood furnace stopped working.  We are not sure why and Gene (the furnace guy) is coming out today to check it out.  In light of what his service calls cost, I believe it will be cheaper for me to order spare parts to Ronnie can repair the furnace if/as needed. *UPDATE* Gene came by and said that the shaft on the pump had broken.  He had never seen that happen before.  I’m thinking the part is covered by warrantee, even though his service call is not.  =(  I have heat again!

DNTC update:  I do need to add to my list as I am now down to one item – improve recycling numbers, yet that one item seems to be a daunting one.  Yesterday I met with Sally and we reviewed the upcoming newsletter (I’ll post a copy once it is available) and topics for the next one.  Since there are several in my office that are refusing to place their items in the recycling bin (so I dumpster dive in their trash baskets), we have decided to let that one slide for the moment and live by example.  Eventually they will get tired of my rummaging and put it in the bin themselves (less than 3 feet away).  =P


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