Ward House

It’s electric!

Not the slide, though I still love that 80’s classic.  What is cool is that my girls love to do the slide and don’t think it is weird when I jump in with them.  =)  Today, I believe, Sally unveals our first Recycling (sustainability) newsletter.  As soon as I have an official copy, I’ll post.

DNTC update:  Recycling at the Preserve is going well, even as an infant.  In Bath County, we do not have trash pickup as you would in cities.  I take my trash to the recycling center (and dump if it cannot be recycled at the center or my compost pile) and then we have Jacks Trash service who will pick up your stuff for a fee.  The Preserve contracts through him for our regular trash as well as recycling.  He called me the other day to say that he still notices alot of mixed paper in our regular trash.  I went ‘dumpster diving’ (we dont really have dumpters, just very large cans) to find the building’s tennant (First National Bank) is not part of the program and then individuals from one of our other buildings are also not recycling – makes it easy to identify individuals when their names are still on the paperwork!

Anyway, for the next newletter in December, my article is about where our electricity comes from (in Virginia we import the same amount we create by burning coal) include copies of the three building electric bills and set a challenge – like no space heaters for a week and see how it impacts the bill.  Our local electric coop can give me the usage for the week we choose for the challenge and then the usage from that same week last year to use as a comparison.


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