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Selfless Activism Challenge

     Kathie is a great motivator; the creator of the Doing Not Thinking Challenge (DNTC), which was a success and ongoing, has a new thoughtful ‘quest’:  the Selfless Activism Challenge (SAC).  I’ll let you read her post to get the gist of the challenge.  The big picture of politics can be, and is for me, overwhelming.  How can I make an impact?  Just me.  I’ve decided that starting small, in my community, is one way.  I will hopefully see the slow wheels turn here as opposed to in the US or the world.  That is such a HUGE wheel to try to get moving.  If this little cog in the Bath County wheel can get our wheel to shifting, perhaps it will create a minuscule turn in the much larger wheel.

     Our board of supervisors and school board are composed of an unable-to-think-outside-the-box group of people.  New blood does not want to run because the meetings run HOURS and most things are just tabled with no solution or action.  I have kids in school and to sit and listen to a group of adults whine not only is NOT my idea of ‘fun’; it is a time waster.  However, if the next generation (me) does not run, the same old blood and thinkers will continue to make the same bad decisions. 

     A friend ran at the last election and won the nomination.  She is struggling with the poor time management and lack of thinking skills that are present on the board.  She and I have talked about my running at the next election, which will not be for another 2 years.  This would be great for the challenge and perhaps she and I can work together even thought I am not on the board – why wait for action?


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  1. My running for local office was part of a coordinated group effort to bring about just the type of changes you’re talking about in our community – both Board of Supervisors and School Board. Even though I lost in the Primary, the woman from our group that did prevail in the Primary to challenge the incumbent did win in the General Election. We’re dealing with poor money management and unaccountability here. Help your friend, stay informed, know what’s on the agendas, go to meetings, stand up and say something, write a letter to the editor, and think about dipping your own toe in the political waters next time around. Challenge yourself.

    Comment by Sadge | November 14, 2008 | Reply

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