Ward House

Lime smoothie and fresh winter veggies

     Ashley’s room is complete!  She thought for a long time and decided on this color – lime smoothie.  Now I realize that to see it on the wall, with not much else in the room, it can be kind of scary; however, now that it is decorated, her room is amazing.  She has two recessed lights above her bed that are on a dimmer Lime Smoothieswitch.  She often studies while lying on her bed and these two lights are wonderful for that type of work.  For those who have seen this room before, behind the bookshelf is the old chimney flu. 

In another bedroom upstairs, the brick flu will be exposed – a bookcase will still be over the front, with brick showing yellow front roombehind.  Ronnie decided he was going to through the larger debris out the window and into the back of his truck.  Sounds good, right?  No mess through the house, no Odi trying to each plaster peices or chewing on the wood and paw prints down the hall.  Hmmm.  It all went well until a peice of wood bounced out of the back of the truck and shattered the truck’s rear window!  Tempered glass EVERYWHERE in the cab (glad his windows were up).  I felt so bad for him and while he replaced shattered tempered glass with plexiglass, I snagged the shop vac and started vaccuuming up little brown glass nuggets.  Poor guy.  He has had the worst luck. 

     As you are aware, Ronnie and I are working towards a more simple lifestyle.  Consume less (reduce), reuse what we do have or recycle.  We look at what we need and then see where we might reuse something to fill that need.  We are currently looking at rebuilding the grape arbor for this spring and planning our garden for the spring and next fall/winter!  It just amazes me that greens can survive in the winter.  We do not get as cold here as in some areas and I wonder if winter gardening will work.  Check out this post about fresh winter veggies. I picked up the book Four Season Harvest and will post once I get into the book more.  I am also trying to finish up The Expected One and picked up In Defense of Food.  Talk about taking on alot to read!  Where am I going to fit this in???   =P

 Enough rambling for the moment.  I also found these – Yummy!

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  1. Four Season Harvest has a lot of good ideas. Great book.

    Comment by Sadge | November 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. Umm……….. Lime smoothie , beautiful color .

    My winter gardening didn’t go so well , I bought 30 dollars worth of plants and it rained every week for almost a month , couldn’t get in the garden. The plants were looking bad when I planted them , they all died.
    I’ll try again next year , but I’ll start my plants from seeds.
    I hope to have a greenhouse in the future.

    ~ Many Blessings ~

    Comment by JoyceAnn | November 17, 2008 | Reply

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