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Lactose intolerance

My name is Annette and I am lactose intolerant.  There.  It is out and no longer a secret.  A food allergy is difficult to relate too until one is faced with living with one.  We have all heard about what happens to people who are allergic to peanuts or seafood; an allergy to dairy is not immediately life threatening; however, it is extremely uncomfortable and, well, makes one unpopular to be around.  Let’s just say extreme gastrointestinal distress.  An acquaintence mentioned that there were even links to this intolerance and stomach cancer – eek!  I avoid milk just because of the immediate and time release consequences. 

You would be amazed at the items that contain the milk enzyme lactose.  It is a preservative that is used in numerous items including sports water and ruby red grape fruit juice (or at least the brand I picked up)!  Neither of these I would have thought to check the label until the tummy begins to churn and then I start lable reading.  *sighs*  Now I check the label of EVERYTHING before purchasing.  This makes eating out an exciting challenge – not something we do much of as it is too expensive and unhealthy.  I have a new motto – if I do not pack it in to work, I do not need to eat/drink it (except for water from the cooler or tap).  It is cheaper this way and way safer for my tummy.

Now I know there are tablets out there one can take to help make processing diary easier on the system – these work as long as you have at least 5% of the necessary enzyme already in the system.  I have less than 5%.  =/  Soy is equally difficult to process which makes dark chocolate an occasional treat (contains soy lethicin), when I can find a brand that does not have milk, butter, or lactose/lactate, etc. 

Regular meals always include veggies, though not as much as I would like/hope especially now that the snow has set in. 

This allergy as a bad thing nor has it made my life less fun, fullfilling, etc.  I look forward to each day – it is a challenge to cook for my family in a healthy way while keeping this allergy in mind.  BTW, both girls are also intolerant.  This allergy makes it even more important that we grow enough to can and save for the winter when fresh is not always possible.  *whew*  A mouthful!


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