Ward House

Etsy and income generation

Hours are non existant at the restuarant, so I am short a few hundred a month.  I can make it if there are no unexpected expenses; how often does that happen!  I am now looking at what I can do to generate a little extra income.  Some of my ideas include:

  • open an Etsy store – not sure what I would/could sell (crochet, cross stitch?)
  • sell homemade laundry detergent to the Grist Mill – save them some $$ and make me a little $$

I think that is it for my brainstorming atm.  I did hear back from the Grist Mill manager and he thinks he can drum up a few hours for me, which will be a big help.  Did I mention, I’d like to generate this additional income while staying at the house?  Ashley is cracking the black walnuts we collected to sell to her culinary arts teacher at the highschool and then some to the Grist Mill – she is looking to fun the dance pants and shoes she needs for the dance troupe at the highschool (thank you for helping out Ashley!).  Hopefully she will save some for us to use at the house.  =)

In other news, the new entryway to the back bedroom (Katies) is almost done.  At lunch today I helped to unload the drywall that is necessary so that the new door can be cut and framed.  That will happen this weekend.  Yeah!  I love watching and participating in the transformation.


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