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Successful Weekend

Kathie, writting for Women Dabbling, has a great article about checking your receipts prior to leaving the store to make sure that the price you paid is the advertised price.  Some of the comments noted that local grocers give a refund of Xcents for bringing your own bags; I am going to check with my local Walmart and Kroger to see if they have a similar program.

This weekend was very productive with drywall going up and doorways cut/framed, doors rehung, etc. 

So toasty!

So toasty!

Amidst all the activity, Odi took a few minutes to warm him self by the drop light.   Other pictures from this weekend:New doorway

closet in Mariah's room

closet in Mariah's room

This weekend I finished my first dishcloth (crochet) and started cloth napkins for this weekend and beyond!new dishcloth  This dishclothe was uber easy: crochet hook G, chain 37, turn and double stitch beginning in 2nd chain from hook and all the way across (35 dbl), chain two and turn.  The cool think is, you can make these as big or small as you want.  I have not used it yet for dishes so am unsure if the dbl stitch is too big to be usefull (gap too large).  I’ll let you know. 
On the napkins, the hemming directions in the link I posted below confused me (not sure why) so I refered to the hemming directions provided in my Kenmore’s owner’s manual.  I can do this!  The sheet I used was for a dbl bed instead of a single so my napkins are more restaurant size, which is good.  I’ll post a picture when I have one completed – and fix my flash.  Not sure what is up with that.  It was working and then stopped – even though it says that the flash is going off.  I found this tutorial and this one – these both look fairly simple.  Love the bias maker! 
Now that I have rediscovered my sewing machine, I remember how much I loved to sew.  I found these directions for a drawstring pillowcase backpack and will make one of these soon.  My girls have some that say Randolf Macon on them, ones they received from volleyball camp; however, I’d like to use one that was a bit more stylish.  =P

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