Ward House


It is cold and has been flurrying most of the day.  Ronnie appears to be done, for now, with wall building, plaster slinging contruction upstairs so tonite will be spent mopping floors, dusting and washing clothes and linens; getting ready for family on Thursday.  Thought I would just post some cool recipes and crafting ideas, for your reading pleasure and so I can refer back to these sites when I need to make more cleaning stuff.  =)  Enjoy!

  • Dishwashing detergent alternative here
  • Natural cleaning recipes.  I use Rhonda’s cleaning recipes, including laundry soap and without comparing, Lindsay’ look similar. 
  • I do not have extra tulle hanging out around the house; however, I do have walmart bags and plastic weave  bags that can be turned into plarn to make this cool scrubbie.  Think I’ll try this tonite perhaps!  I just love this ingenuity.
  • Hankies are next on my list of things to make.  Great post on the subject can be found here.  I have some twin size linens that are soft and can no longer be used (no twin beds in the house) so these will be repurposed into hankies!  =) 

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