Ward House

Few Days

The last few days have been hectic with Sunday a resting, funk kind of day. I have been trying to post this since Sunday! 

Thursday we had friends from a few hours away come for dinner – deep fried turkey, mac n cheese, pretzel salad, cranberry sauce (this was soo easy to make) and Squash mashed potatoes.  I had planned to include green beens from the garden and totally forgot.  Linda asked me to post the squash mashed potato recipe, so use the link above.

   It has been snowing off and on Monday and today, with that same overcast feel to the day.  *bleck*  I want to go home, crawl into a blanket and knit.  When days are like this, it makes it extremely difficult for me to complete items on my list.  Is it because of the lack of sun?  We sit in a valley, so some days the clouds never lift high enough off the mountains for us to see the sky.  Perhaps I need to bring a good, smelly candle with me to kind of lift things up at my desk.

   Last nite I did it – cut my bangs super short.  It actually looks pretty cool as the rest of my hair is shoulder length and mostly straight.  The flash on my camera has stopped working, even though it says that it is working, so I do not yet have a picture to post.  =/


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