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Freeze yur buns

Crunchy has an excellant challenge to keep thermostats low this year – it is the 2nd year of this challenge.  freezeyerbunsThis is the first year that we will heat with wood instead of oil so I am looking forward to saving some $$ as heating oil prices continue to climb.  We originally turned the thermostat to 68 and the furnace kept going out so keeping it on 70 keeps the house warm (still need socks and sweaters) and the fire burning.  In this post she asks which president said the following…

I again ask every American to lower the thermostat settings in all homes and buildings to no more than 65 degrees during the daytime and to a much lower setting at night…

…I must say to you quite frankly that this is not a temporary request for conservation. Our energy problems will not be over next year or the year after. Further sacrifices in addition to lowering thermostats may well be necessary. But I believe this country is tough enough and strong enough to meet that challenge. And I ask all Americans to cooperate in minimizing the adverse effect on the lives of our people. 

It was former President Carter.  You can find more about this quote and his fight to help prevent or reduce what we are experiencing now here.  My coworker was a civilian contractor for the Navy when this request was made and she remembers when the thermostats in the office buildings were turned down in the winter and up in the summer.  I was in grade school when Carter was in office so I do not remember this initiative.  I do remember our turning the electric heat waaaay down in the winter, closing off rooms and heating with the fireplace.  We bundled up at bed time.  That did not seem strange to me.  BTW, I loved to watch the Waltons.


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