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I’m so vain

     Not being critical of myself. . . well, perhaps a little.  I’ve been trying to grow my hair longer and it seems to have stopped at just below my shoulders.  This hair of mine is fine and there isnt alot of it.  I do not believe it is thinning, that thought really scares me.  If it gets to that point I am going to shave my head to just stubble and leave it at that.  The other night I became so frustrated with this hair that I took scissors to the bangs and now have a short fringe across the front.  Looks cool in a gothic sort of way; kind of choppy and some of the fringe is not uniform.  Today I go to Genia’s (the local hairdresser) so she can clean it up a bit – make the rest of my hair fit the bangs.

     I said all of that to ask – How does this fit into the homesteading lifestyle?  I work 2 jobs, one of which is as an insurance agent the other a part time waitress.  My appearance is important.  Again, spending this $28 to have my bang whack job ‘coordinated’ seems like money not wisely spent; however,…  *sighs* 

     Yesterday was a cold, overcast kind of day so we decided it would be a good nite for chilli.  After work I was headed to local grocery to pick up what I needed (we are out of just about everything – grocery run tonite) and there was a traffic stop.  Guess what expired on 11/30/2008?  INSPECTION!  omg.  How can one forget something like that?  It’s not like the sticker doesnt look at you every time you get into the car.  Oy!  So today I also visit the garage so he can inspect, give me the sticker and a pink slip, then to the court house to show compliance and hopefully have the whole thing dismissed.  Just one more thing to do today.  =)


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