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It appears that I may have an opportunity to have my own cow, who would live down the road about 5 mi from the house .  I have not worked out the logistics with the farm manager yet).  My question is, moobecause this milk cow would live down the road, does it still count as living simply?  This farm manager already has a milk cow and he may just let me cow share (which would be fab), if not, I am ok with purchasing my own cow.  5 miles is still walking distance from the house in case the weather is too bad to drive.  Am I creating a possible problem?  I ask those with  more livestock experience than I (which is a big, fat zero).

p.s.  I love the new wordpress dashboard.  Everything together, a bigger typing window.  =)  Visually appealing to me.


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  1. If you can’t have one on your own property, cow share is great! And only 5 miles? even better. I use to drive an hour for milk. Hard in the winter. I would call it simple community, ya know I am a huge buff of community homesteading. SO I say yes! Still simple living. Just go for it, and wear some muck boots to help out around their farm. Gives ya a bit o’practice for later.

    Comment by emphelan | December 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thank you Emphelan. I feel encouraged! =) I would love to have my own dairy goats and feel that it is coming; however, I’ll take a 5 mi drive over an hour one way!! LOL
    I need to check the Goodwill for some good muck boots. =)

    Comment by Annette | December 5, 2008 | Reply

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