Ward House

Why follow instructions?

Cause if you do not follow instructions, your cookies will be 4″ wide and your bread loaf will be short.  Hmmm.  I started out making bread in the breadmaker and could not find my 1C measuring cup.  So I figured I could get away with the 2/3 C and 1/3C.  Three of the 2/3 and 1 of the 1/3 to make 4C right?  Hmmm…Not!  That is only 3C.  This realization hit me after the loaf had an hour to go and I could not figure out why the Ginger Cream cookies , recipe from Kathie at Two Frog Home, were 4″ wide.  What a spread!  Still tastey.  That is when the light bulb went off (did I blind you?) and I realized my math was short.  Adding the 4th cup of flour to the cookie dough made a big difference and the remaining cookies were normal size.  LOL  Monster cookies hit the Ward House!  =)

Anyway, back to following directions.  I still have 1 gallon of my origional batch of laundry detergent left and thought I’d make another batch today – an attempt to not wait until the last minute before beginning this process.  Last batch I made, which was aslo the very first, I did not make sure the grated soap was completely dissolved and so the mixture separated once it cooled.  I ended up putting it through the blender and even how must shake it up prior to use.  Todays batch I took my time, made extra EXTRA sure that the grated soap was dissolved before adding the washing soda and borax.  I stirred this until it began to thicken (or at least I think it did) before pouring into the 5gal bucket and adding 10 litres of water.  All appears to be well for now.  I’ll check it once it is cooled and we shall see if I followed the instructions correctly this time.  *sighs* 

Coffee’s ready.  Time for a monster cookie.  =P  Thank you Kathie for a recipe that gets added to my white book.


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  1. So glad you liked the cookies and sometimes the best recipes are “accidents.”

    Comment by Kathie | December 6, 2008 | Reply

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