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Dexters & Chondrodysplasia

I think I am going to go with ‘renting’ land from my BF’s mother and raise my milk cow there, along with some hogs.  Chickens can hang at my house.  =)  As I look into Dexters, it would appear that I want a cow that is not a carrier for chondrodysplasia, correct?  Is $1k – $1,200 a good price for a cow? 

Olde Town Farm Dexters is a Virginia breeder along with two others – they did not have websites, so I emailed an inquiry.  I also googled for breed associations and there appears to be one for North America.  Where would you recommend I go to/join for dexter cow (or cow in general) keeping information?


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  1. Good price as long as she is pregnant. Average is $1,500. I am a member of the ADCA. Up to you how you feel about. Just know that the records are public.

    Comment by emphelan | December 9, 2008 | Reply

  2. Try http://dextercattle.proboards84.com/index.cgi

    It’s slow-moving, but all about Dexters.

    Also Keeping a Family Cow http://familycow.proboards32.com/index.cgi
    has a lot of Dexter people too. It’s populated by fairly religious people, in case that’s not your bag.

    We paid $800 for an 8 month old heifer from good milking lines. We sold her for $1600, un-bred, in milk & fully trained after her first calf. We had lots of interest at that price, but trained milk cows are hard to find for sale in our area.

    We’re planning to buy another heifer (Dexter mix) to raise as a milk cow, since it’s cheaper than buying a full-grown one, and we get to train to our liking.

    Comment by Joanna | January 3, 2009 | Reply

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