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Yummy for my tummy

I am so excited!  My fingers cannot seem to type fast enough!!  My friend has access to raw milk and she dropped off a quart for me to try.  This is milk that has already had the cream skimmed off – Oh My Goodness!!  Aside from being so very tastey, my tummy appears to be happy.   Time will tell – but if I am not cramping yet, it is a very good sign.  The test will be this evening, if the other symptoms appear.  =)  If they do, my coworkers at the restaurant will be VERY unhappy with me.  Muhaha.  

My friend is going to see if the landowner will let me put a milk cow on his property (mine will keep the other cow company) and then I can set up my own cow share!  How amazing!!  Not sure what will be involved, so those who have experience with such things, would you shoot me an email or a post so I can pick your brain?

Along the same lines as tastiness, Kathie posted another sounding-tastey recipe.  These are for cloverleaf rolls.  I hope to try these this week.

Gotta bolt (no, I am not going to seed!) but will be back to amend this post.  I just wanted to get this out for my cow knowledgeable peeps to see and advise.  =)


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