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Ice ice baby

     Last nite we were hit by an unexpected, unforcasted ice storm.  Ronnie and I had gone to town, 30 mi south, to do our monthly shopping and realized on the way back that we were not going to be able to get home.  I cannot recall seeing a storm move so quickly and lay such a thick layer of ice.  Ronnie did a fantastic job of keeping us and the van safe from harm, though there were a few times were we just held on and watched.  Sureal actually.  He got us to a safe place which was also at the foot of a friends driveway, where we parked the van and called.  Our friends were home and we crashed at their house until this morning.  Last night, it was so slick that one could not stand up on the pavement.  Even the gravel was iced and slick.  We were on all fours, crawling, to get to the side of the road so we could walk in the grass up to our friends house – that’s right, they live on the side of the mountian.  Thankfully a neighbor was home that could check on our puppy (you know, let him out) and add wood to the furnace.  *whew*  I was so scared I couldnt even use my phone; hands were shaking too badly to touch the numbers in a coherent sequence!

     I learned some important facts about living out here.  Now keep in mind that yes, Bath County is very rural yet we do not get the snow and such that some get in the midwest.  I had layers of clothes on and good snow boots.  What I did not have was a hat nor a flashlight nor blankets.  Some friends just spent 6-8 hours stuck in their cars.  That frightens me when the temperatures are extremely cold (or hot for that matter).   My kids always fight me on this – wearing or at least bringing along clothes that they can wear in case we need to walk or stay in the vehicle for several hours.  I believe I will create my own pack for them just in case. 

     What do you keep as a winter survival pack in your cars?  If the weather report had indicated there was eminent weather, Ronnie and I would not have made the trip.  So if you get stuck, what have you prepared for.  Oh, I forgot about water.  Thankfully I had a water bottle in the car that we were able to sip on until we were able to figure out what to do next.  I get so thirsty when I’m scared! 

     On a brighter note, I have recovered, mostly, from the cootie that Ronnie so ‘thoughtfully’ shared with me.  Since our family is sharing Christmas on New Years Day, I have a little more time to finish up projects.  =)  Nothing like extending the holidays, eh?

     Be safe.


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  1. Let’s see: Behind my seat I keep a rolled-up fleece blanket, a roll of paper towels (to clean off spattered headlights and windows), a big bottle of water, snow scraper and brush, plus a flashlight with extra batteries, spare glasses, and sunglasses in the glove box. In the trunk (also accessible via folding down the back seat) is a box with a small folding shovel, half a bag of kitty litter, an old pair of felt-pack boots stuffed with a knit hat, gloves, knee-high wool socks and a couple of kerchiefs, plus an old down army-surplus mummy bag and a couple of candles in a tin can. I’ve put down a couple strips of no-slide chair pads to keep the box (and other stuff) from sliding back and forth in my trunk. Underneath the trunk bottom liner, along with spare tire and jack is a tow rope, tire cables (chains won’t fit in my wheel wells), a mechanic jumpsuit, an old jean jacket, a big plastic hooded poncho to either wear or put down on the ground while putting the cables on, and a survival knife. Can you tell I’ve often had to drive alone over snowy mountain passes? Things I really should have, but don’t, are a cell phone and those reflective stand-up triangles.

    Comment by Sadge | December 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. Oops, forgot a couple of items: jumper cables wrapped around the spare tire, and under my seat an umbrella and old, but still usable, wiper blades. Maybe I should write a blog post about all this?

    Comment by Sadge | December 24, 2008 | Reply

  3. Sadge, that would be an awesome and much needed post! Thank you for the above list – I am woefully unprepared and have begun to rectify that deficiency!

    Comment by Annette | December 26, 2008 | Reply

  4. I thought the post of winter driving emergencies should get to a wider audience than my blog has (others did too), so I put it on the Simple Green Frugal Co-op blog too (in case you noticed your readers linking from there all of a sudden).

    Comment by Sadge | December 30, 2008 | Reply

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