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All is quiet

     I have been quiet for several days – not sure where to start writing.  Doctors seem to be as good of a place as any.  My health is very good and I am fortunate.  My weight has dropped considerably since excluding dairy from my diet (like 12 lbs in the last 6 months) and this is not a bad thing.  I am now at the weight I am most comfortable with and feel really good.  I asked my doc if she had read in defense of food to which she replied she had not.  Disappointing, but ok.  Read on. . .

     As you know I have been searching for a cow share and have found one within 45 minutes of home.  It has been wonderful to have milk and butter in my diet again.  I still cannot eat food stuffs with regular milk in them and that is ok.  I did not share details about who the cowshare is with or anything like that.  My doc asked why I thought I needed milk in my diet.  Now THAT question suprised me and unfortunately knocked the doc down several pegs.  I believe that the tummy challenges I have in the past and now experience are due to the food stuffs and not real foods that I have been eating.  Making the transition back to homemade/home grown is going to require some time.  I feel it is the best move for my family and myself.   Good genetics can only get one so far.  If I continue to pump food stuffs (not real food) into my system, it will fail.  I am reeling from that conversation.  I know she is the right doctor for me based on our previous visits, I now realize that diet is not something she can relate to.

     On a lighter note, the holidays were quiet (which is good), I won a giveaway on Not Quite Vintage and Sew Mama Sew, seeds from the Victory Seed company arrived Saturday along with the apron pattern I bought from I cannot remember (will check and post).  Check out Sadge’s article about emergency preparedness – a must read for anyone that travels. 

     On seeds, the Victory company has some great information about companion planting, recipes, etc.  There is also in my blog roll a link about the 3 sisters planting – if anyone has used this technique, I’d love to hear what worked, did not, etc.


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