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Thank you’s with a sprinkle of randomness

     First, thank you to everyone who forwarded suggestions on alternate ‘jobs’ for extra income.  Times are tight for all of us and I am checking into the different ideas.  In the meantime, I have continued to create my Etsy shop, think I have it the way I want it and will post my first item tonite – a beret!  Woohoo.  The peacock at the bottom of the right column will take you to the store front – if you go, please critique.  This is my first endeavor.

     Last night Ronnie and I went next store to see the Todd wood cook stove that we are going to buy for $300!  Thought I was going to fall on the floor as I thought this was a great price.  Glad I saved up that christmas $$!  Our stove looks similar to this one; Todd wood cook stoveit solves the problems of heat in the winter (kitchen is unheated) and will help reduce the electric bill.  It also fits into our homesteading plans.

     As some of you have already guessed, I ramble here about what is going on in our lives, brainstorming and listing posts I do not want to forget.  I found some amazing patterns last night and spent a few pennies on patterns from Stitch Diva, Ashley is crocheting her first pair of cottage socks, pattern from Lionbrand.com, and I found this on Carries blog.  Other things to remember are from Rhonda’s post about reducing what we use, mentration pads and an amazing waffle pattern for knit dishcloth.  Rhonda makes a statement that I need to remember,

Throwing it “away” doesn’t make it not exist, it simple removes the used product from your environment.

     A coworker and I were talking about crafting projects and how frustrating it is to try to find yarn or wait for it to come in on order.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just open a store locally and have knitting/crochet classes, quilting circles, etc?  If I were to open such a store I would call it In Stitches or Hooked.  The graphic to go along would be like crossed swords only one would be a crochet hook and the other a knitting needle.  =P


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  1. Love that stove – I’m so jealous!

    Comment by Sadge | January 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. hehe I am excited about it as well. We have taken ours apart to clean it and I have pictures to post – will try that this eve. I cannot wait to begin using it!!! =)

    Comment by Annette | January 12, 2009 | Reply

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