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Living Simply

     This post appeared in Kathie’s Friday’s Favorites and I can understand why.  Our family is closer and better off from our decision to live more simply.  As I look at what we have said ‘NO’ to there are just two items that can be culled from our lifestyle: cell phones and internet.  These are the last two electives.  Cell phones keep me connected with my kids when they are playing school sports (and are playing out of town) and the internet, well, that keeps me connected to you!  Of the two, the internet would be the last to go. 

     My kids do not seem to miss TV and as a result are reading more and involved in more of the daily chore activities – they devoured the Twilight book series in a week!  Both girls, sharing the books; now that part amazes me!

     The cook stove is about ready and now I am looking for a stove pad.  It would appear that these are a rare commodity – difficult to find on line and appears complicated to make one myself.  What do you use?    

On a not so related note, I want to make this dish tonite.


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  1. I made this dish Friday evening and it was simply AMAZING! There were no leftovers; this made it into the binder. =)

    Comment by Annette | January 19, 2009 | Reply

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