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raven      I  notice a this post from Jane’s Apron – btw Julie my hole punch and other goodies arrived yesterday – thank you, thank you, thank you!  =)  Anyway, she touched on ravens and edgar allen poe (I’ve always wondered why his name is spelt in lower case) and remembered that we have quite a collection of ravens, too big to be black birds or crows, that live around our house.  They greet me in the mornings and say good nite in the eve.  In researching these birds, they have appeared in mythology from times ancient in both European and Native American cultures.  We did not have a problem with them in the garden last year, which kind of suprised me.  One day last summer one of them perched close to the driveway and was trying to talk to me while I was getting out of the van.  I tried to explain that I did not understand bird; he/she was pursistant.  In retrospect, wish I had just asked him/her to show me what the were trying to say.  I’ll remember for next time.

Quoth the raven, ‘Nevermore.’ 

    On a different note, Robbyn of the Back Forty is learning to do redwork and  has done a beautiful job with these chickens.  I love chickens.  I’d also love to learn redwork – it has been many years since I’ve done embroidery.  Hmmm.  Can I take on another project??

     While waiting to watch the inauguration speech, I found this site that contains every inaugural speech ever given.  It is interesting to read George Washington’s speech and see how much our vocab has changed between then and now.  I am not saying that Obama is not well spoken; I love to listen to him talk.  He is very well spoken and charismatic.  The vocab of everyday conversation and speech making has changed.  How often do you hear used the word vicissitude?  It means change.  My coworker said that tonite she plans to vicissitude her underware.  LOL  Not a word that fits todays speeches.  =/  It is our word for today.


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