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HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)

high fructose corn syrupThis substance I try to watch very carefully, especially its entranced into our home.  This stuff is about as sneaky and stealthy as a cockroach.  While we make our own bread, there are some food stuffs (not real food) that come to visit: prepackaged cereal, ketchup, and pancake syrup (I use maple syrup, Ronnie and kids will not) are ones that immediately pop into my mind.  Soda does not come to visit and pastrys are banned too.  If you want something sweet, then you gotta make it!  That brings to mind the whole processed sugar thing.

Anyway, Robbyn at the Back Forty brought this article to my attention and I felt it worthy of passing along.  Now my statistics class has me view studies like this different than I did prior to the class.  Items to consider is wjellyho ordered and set up the study, was there a control group, etc.  There was a whole list that I cannot seem to find (it is saved on this machine somewhere!).  The Natural News has a very interesting article on the subject along with the one from WebMD.  Even without the mercury, HFCS is an unnecessary ingredient.


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  1. Thank you, my friend, for mentioning the article. After reading more on it and posting about it, I started hunting down ingredient labels on the things I have in my own home…and how sobering it was. It’s still not all the way out of our home…I have to replace many things….(think ketchup, salad dressing, arggghhh)

    I’m in a wee funk just now, not sure why, but not down…just lack of motivation. However, small changes all add up, don’t they? I have to find a way to homemake things to replace the HFCS ones we still have…or do without.

    And one more thing…I so appreciate you. Thank you for your friendship and the things you share on your blog! I’m not able to get computer leisure time often, but I’m so glad when I can. And I’m glad to know you through your writings and your visits to my blog…thank you, Annette!

    Comment by Robbyn | February 10, 2009 | Reply

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