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In the year 2012

I put this together yesterday (2/3/09) and was toying on whether or not to post.  Yeah, it is a cute little read and I like the graphics (eye candy).

Ok, so this is a really random post.  Have you heard of the Mayan calendar and how it ends in the year 2012?  It would appear that some azteccalendarbelieve this to be doomsday yet most of the other research I’ve read indicates it is simply the end of one cycle or Platonic year and the beginning of another.  When visiting Peru I remember how important the soltices were to the Aztecs and it would appear that the Mayan followed the same thought.  Based on this info, the change, total worldwide magentic field, life as we know it will change, occurs on the winter solstice, 12/21/2012.  This graphic is from the aztec calendar, not the Mayan;  the graphics below are Mayan.

Today’s date is the following:

calli-solar-year xochitl The first image, Cali, is both the solar year and day gliph.  Xochitl is the 13-day period.  This calendar is very complicated, or at least to me anyway.  As much as I would love to learn how to read it, my time is better spent doing other things.  =)  Enjoy the tangent!


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