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Thinks I want to remember,  good reads and I am not sure where to go from here.

  • Shop til you drop (don’t let the name fool you) over at WNDN.
  • Kathie has an excellent post about Aggressive Frugality
  • My local extension office and garden planning  here and here.
  • Gotta make some of this.  Ronnie’s step dad made some of the best pork/beef sausage around.  Unfortunately the recipe died with him (not Ronnie, the step dad).  I wonder how this will compare.
  • I feel so out of the loop.  How could I have not heard about the post office discontinuing Saturday delivery?  Not that it will impact me any, it is the fact that I had not hear of it ahead of time.  Sharon scares me with her accuracy.earth oven
  • I want to make punched tin candle holders for our summer porch sitting sessions.
  • Powering down has a cool post today, including this picture of an earth oven -> want on of these please!

As the economy continues to tank, Ronnie and I are always looking at ways to leave more cheaply yet healthily (is that really a word?).  Other than the cell phone and internet, food expenditure is our next category that is in need of review.  Dinners are always eaten inhouse, with only a few exceptions; lunches for Ronnie and I are eaten out *shivers* and the girls qualify for reduced lunches at the school.  Ronnie and I need to start packing lunch, which is something we have talked about and that is about it.  All talk, no walk; we are fixing that this week.  My next challenge is what does one fix for lunch when there are no left overs and my girls, when they want to stay after school to watch a sport, we are usually scrounging for change so they can get a snack to carry them over.  I’m not sure how to help with this dilema.  Suggestions?


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  1. I want an outdoor oven someday too. I ripped the plans for one out of Sunset magazine years ago – they’re also online here:
    It would be fun to get creative like the one in your photo.

    Comment by Sadge | February 5, 2009 | Reply

    • I love your plans, though. Thank you for posting this alternate link. As creative as I would like to be, it all depends on the amount of materials, time, etc. If/when I get one built, I will definately post pictures – you MUST do the same. =)

      Comment by Annette | February 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thank you so much for including my article in the links! 🙂 We, too, are challenged by needing to DO and not just talk…it’s only possible to us in increments in order to not be overwhelmed. If we can chip away and make one or two changes, and get used to them so they’re habits and easier, that’s about the only way we do better. I, too, have the dilemma some weeks about what to pack for lunches if having no leftovers. Basically, I’ve decided that if I can pack anything healthy we’ll actually eat and do it cheaper than what we’d pay otherwise, that’s my best start. Jack and I have very different tastes, and for times when we can’t take leftovers, we make sure our grocery list already included things for lunches specifically so we can have that handy to pack our own…even storebought when done within budget comes out so much cheaper than buying it on the fly. A plain ordinary sandwich is much more appealing with a small amount of soup or a salad, and those are things that can be made in larger quantities and portioned out to take with for a more substantial meal than just the ol’ PBJ and apple 🙂

    Oh, and I had no idea about the discontinuing of Saturday delivery! (going now to look it up for my area…) eeek 🙂

    Comment by thebackforty | February 5, 2009 | Reply

    • I like your lunch suggestions. We store leftovers, when we have them, in glass so I do not have containers to use for lunches. I think I need to remedy that this weekend!
      Thank you so much!

      Comment by Annette | February 5, 2009 | Reply

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