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Packin the Yummy Hummus

hummus-and-focacciaAfter studying middle eastern dance for so many years, I have acquired a taste for certain middle eastern foods.  Hummus is one of these.  When made correctly it is heaven and when not,  well, a friend once called it wet sawdust.  =)  I found this recipe for hummus at the Simple Spoonful and cannot wait to make some!  I actually have all the ingredients!  < Now that is a miracle in and of itself!  This will be great to bring to work for munching.  I need to make some focaccia tonite (searches for a recipe).

After blogging with Kathie about lunch remedies, I realized that I do not have tuperware to use to carry lunches to work with me.  I do not want to speed-buggyadd to consumerism yet wonder if I am better off buying a lunch box to help me limit this expense.  If  Ronnie and I pack our lunches every day for a week, we will have bought both lunch boxes.  In elementary school, I packed lunch every day into my little speed buggy lunchbog and it was the same lunch: pb&j, milk and an apple.  My fav until high school!  Dunno that Speed Buggy is the answer for me now; however, I do not want to carry my lunch in plastic ware.  Here is what I am looking at.  This is pricey for me and tog_kitthe cost is half that to exclude the bamboo wear.  I would want to include bamboo wear to not use plastic, bamboo is a renewal resource, looks very good and allows me to keep my other silverware at home.  Enough of that seems to disappear into the house as the girls walk n’ eat.

I’m thinking something smaller than this would be good for the girls to take with them to school when they have afterschool sporting events.  We can pack something nutritious AND it will save money.  The trick will be getting them to remember to take it with them and bring it home afterwards.

Oh, and some  vintage images for redwork stitching.


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  1. oooooo, I love the look of those lunch pails w/bamboo utensils. AND the redwork pattern link!

    Comment by Robbyn | February 10, 2009 | Reply

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