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Family and things that go bump in the night

So much happened yesterday I am not sure on where to begin!

Let’s start with some quick history; my mother’s mother was Belgium (she passed two years ago at the age of 99).  My grandfather (American) was a foreign service officer when they met, fell in love and eventually married.  There is a whole side of the family whom I have never met.  Now, flash forward to yesterday.  I received a Facebook email from a lady by the name of Karen Lanniee, who turns out to be my cousin!  I am just so excited, I had to tell everyone about it.  =)  We have added each other as friends and are catching up on each other.  I think we may have met 30 some years ago when she came to the states to meet my parents.

In highschool I had 3 years of Spanish and then in College two years of French.  I can remember driving my French teacher, Madame Weiss, nuts by  using the Spanish pronounciation for French words.  LOL  Tonite I will hunt for freeware to help brush up my French so I can better communicate with my cousin!

Now for the other news.  We have had a wind advisory in effect since last night and it continues until midnite tonite.  Katelyn, my youngest (13), stayed to video the Varsity girls basketball team while her sister (Ashley), Ronnie, Angel and I went to town to get groceries.  Ronnie bowls on Wednesdays so it was a combined trip.  We dropped Ronnie off at the bowling alley and headed to Walmart and other misc. shops to get our much needed, been over a month shopping done.  We could hear the rain and winds from inside the store and realized that things were not right when the lights inside Walmart began to flicker.  Ashley and Angel took the groceries to the van while I picked up a ceiling fan that Ronnie had asked me to get for his job.  While I was in the store, the wind was so strong it started to push the van forward (it was in park at this point)!  Angel had to put her foot on the brake to stop the movement.  While this was going on, the wind picked up one of the grocery cart carouel thingies and pushed it into the center of the parking lot.  Cars were rocking and everything!  As soon as I got back to the van, we headed over the bowling alley to pick up Ronnie and head home.

Once arriving at the alley, we were told that the games were behind because of a power outage. Our trip home was postponed.  Katelyn texted me that the Varsity game had been called because of the weather and that the coach had dropped her off at home.  Normally not a problem as Katelyn does a good job of entertaining herself with the computer.  Entertainment is challenging when the power goes out.  Did I mention that Katelyn is afriad of the dark?  She is now texting me that the power is out and she is really scared.  It does not help that our house is old, creaky, and the wind outside is howling at 50 mph.  I am stuck at this point and trying to find someone to go to the house and be with Katelyn til we can get home.  She is so paralyzed by fear that she will not move off the sofa.  While hunting for family or friends I learn that most of the roads going in and out of the county are blocked by downed trees – not good when we must cross over the mountain to get home.  Ronnie was done by 9:10 pm and we headed for home, the van loaded with groceries and hoping for cleared roads.  A next door neighbor had agreed to walk over and hang out with Katelyn til we could get there.  Thankfully, the roads had been cleared with plenty of debris and chunks littering across and along the side of the road.  We arrived home without scratches or delays.

We arrived to a dark house, except for where Katie had lit candles.  We had items that needed to go to the freezer and fridge so these items were clustered so the door would only be opened once.  We also realized that there were no flashlights in the house (coleman lanterns in the shed) nor batteries for the radio.  This leads me to, even though I feel somewhat prepared to survive a recession, I am not prepared in the event of an extended power outage.  Earlier this week I purchased information on how to build a wind generator and solar panels – that did not help me last night.   The cookstove is almost up and running; however, in a pinch, we may have a problem.  Are you prepared for a power outage?  What about an extended one?

On a much lighter notes, I like this double sided napkin idea (mine seem too thin) and we are soo making these cookies this weekend.


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