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Garden planning, budget pruning & Thumper

Planning our garden spot has been the most daunting task.  Trying to think of what to plant where.  I found this on Seven Trees and it has given me a good starting point.  Now my lot is shaped this way, long and narrow, with Rte 220 in the front.  I have .51 acres so this’ll be modified just a bit.  For example, my1-acre1 grape vines are already established and run vertical instead of horizontal, ie. they will sit between the raspberries and the garden.  Now I may be able to train them to run horizontal; however these vines are such great producers as they are, I hesitate to mess with them.  The front yard is dominated by two large, older maple trees.  Shade loving plants will go here – are there any shade loving herbs /veggies?

Today I will borrow from the library a book titled Carrots love Tomatoes.  It is on my Amazon wish list and if this proves to be a good book, I will eventually add it to my collection.

Tansy has a great post on budget reducing – ideas I had not thought of before!

Phelan has been great about educating me on how to butcher.  I do not see my having hogs anytime soon (at least until zoning laws are changed); however, rabbits and chickens are doable (still against the zone, less likely to cause an issue).  I found this on Granny Miller about how to butcher rabbits.  This link is not for the faint of heart.  Granny also discusses this with regards to comments on her post about eating rabbits; it is titled thumper, vegans and self reliance.  Very well put together post.


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