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‘shroomin with new books & cold frames

In a previous post, a hint was dropped about two books we purchased Saturday. bird-guide I usually will review a book through the library before deciding on a purchase; yesterday was the exception.  These two purchases were Peterson’s Bird Guide and Great Garden Companions.  Both books are set up in a way that resounds with me.    I have already started to read both books, more the companion than the bird.  There are still several months before anything can go into the ground; however, I’d rather not procrastinate.  =)

Not sure why procrastinating reminded me of this – there is a great post on Simple, Green, Frugal Coop about cold frames.  I would love to use cold frames and so far have hesitated bcz I work during the day and am not home to keep an eye on the temperatures.  In one day we can go from a snowy morning to clear skies and sun by afternoon.  What works in the morning is definately too much for later.

The author, Marc, has a great post on his blog about how to construct a cold frame.  Ronnie would so build several of these for me, I know just where to put them, if we can get over the no-one-is-at-home-to-watch dilema.  I know several of you have used/still use cold frames. How did you handle the lack of supervision?

In a previous post I  asked about what to grow in an area with shade?  Well, Aaron has a suggestion here for those low sun places – Mushrooms!  Now, do not dig out your bongs ’cause these aren’t that kind of ‘shroom.  Aside from shade in the very back of our lot, we also have a shady front yard.  Hmmm, how will growing ‘shrooms look from the road??  LOL  I’m sure we will find a way to ‘shroom and not make the neighbors angry.  =P

Reading Shasha’s post about the cookstove dance reminded me that I have not posted about the cookstove recently.  Our stove is in, on it’s own feet, standing on concrete board, safe distances from walls and other kitchen items just waiting for the chimney to be uncapped.  We have had extremely high winds these last few weeks, too windy for Ronnie to attempt the roof.  A good 50 mph gust and he will have a wizard of oz moment!  Sunday early afternoon the winds died down and Ronnie decided to attempt the roof. grapes-1 I found picture of the house and roof from blogger, back when that was active.  Kinda miss that site now that I am rummaging through.  Anyway, insert Ronnie to the highest peak on the left.  When the gust caught him, he slid to the ladder only to find the ladder not there.  there is a lower roof that house-2you can see in this picture so he scooted here and then was able to drop to the ground.  All happened whilst I was not home!  *grrs*  Ok, that is my scarey story for the day.  =)

Have a great Monday!


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  1. This is a bit off-topic, but I noticed one of the books you hope to own is Nourishing Traditions!

    You really need to buy that and read it as soon as you can. You will love it.

    Okay, enough book advice. Enjoy your reading!

    KristenM (FoodRenegade)

    Comment by FoodRenegade | February 23, 2009 | Reply

    • Thank you Kristen. I borrowed Nourishing Traditions from the Library and LOVED IT! =) Having a personal recommendation is always encouraging.
      Have a great day!

      Comment by Annette | February 23, 2009 | Reply

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